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We help you to build and design your application with the right tools and architecture.

Project Management

We setup your cloud infrastructure the right way. You can focus on the development of your application.

Managed Services

We manage your Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure, freeing you to focus on growing your business with confidence.

Service description

Natron is a start-up based in Bern, Switzerland that specializes in building and optimizing Kubernetes cloud infrastructure. As experts in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and software development, we are equipped to support developers in migrating legacy software to cloud-enabled Kubernetes applications. Our dynamic and goal-oriented project management approach ensures that we deliver a final solution that meets our clients needs.

Let Natron help you navigate the complex world of cloud computing and achieve your business objectives.

Roughly summarized, Natron offers the complete knowledge and engineering stack around the cloud and especially Kubernetes.

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Natron is the product of many years of friendships and dream of self-employment. From countless innovative thoughts and the endless fascination with Kubernetes, a start-up was born, which brings fresh, young and dynamic spirit into the world of computer science.

Started Alone, Jan wanted to create a workspace for himself and in the future for his friends, that is culturally unique and incomparable.

The goal is to connect the world of developers with the world of system engineers as good as possible. This bridge is made possible by distinctive software and system engineering knowledge.

Open source is very close to Natron's heart, so it is also central to give something back to the community in the form of contributions or donations.

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Weissenbühlweg 16
3007 Bern

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